Un manto protector / A Protective Cloak


Author and husband in Owasso, OK, Spring 2014


En mi breve sueño

Tejía un manto protector

Para que llevaras en tu viaje


En la puerta de despedida,

Cuando te dije adiós

Coloque el manto sobre tus hombros

Para darte calor

Y protegerte durante

La tormenta salvaje


Me quedé aquí

Rezando a través de este poema

Sin oraciones, ni dios ni santamarías

Sólo estas palabras para protegerte,

Para ofrecerte

Para que vuelvas a mi.


Vuela a casa, querido amigo/esposo,

Ve con tu madre

A nuestra hermosa Venezuela

A la guerra contra el tirano

Sobre tu boca, mis besos

Sobre tus hombros, mis lágrimas.


Mientras me quedo aquí

Aferrada a lo que alguna vez fuimos.



English Version

Last night

During my brief slumber

I crocheted a protective cloak for you to take in your journey


At the departure gate,

As I said my goodbyes

I placed the shawl on your shoulders

To keep you warm

To protect you

Against the ravaging storm


I remain here

Praying through this poem

No devotions, no gods or hailmaries

I only have these words to protect you

To offer for you

To come back to me


Go home, dear friend/husband

With your mother

To our beautiful Venezuela

To the war against the tyrant

On your lips, my kisses.

On your shoulders, my tears.


While I remain here

Holding onto what we used to be.


2 thoughts on “Un manto protector / A Protective Cloak

  1. This is a beautiful piece, moving, sad, wistful, and hopeful all at the same time. It reached my own heart. Thank you for sharing it.

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